Underground drops can be set up by the customer before the drop crew arrives to save time and money.

Underground drops can be directly buried without conduit but it is recommended that conduit be placed under sidewalks and driveways.


We will need your help locating underground facilities such as waterlines, dog invisible fences, drainage pipes, telephone lines, electrical lines, septic lines or systems, fuel tanks, etc. so we do not damage them accidentally. We cannot guarantee that we will not disrupt any of these connections but it will help if you locate them for us with flags or other methods before we begin our service drop process. 



If you choose to install conduit, please follow these guidelines:

1. If the span the fiber needs to be run is less than 100 feet, the conduit can be ¾” gray conduit. 

2. If span is over 100 feet, conduit should be 1 1/4" conduit, laid straight with no sweeps and pull points every 300 to 500 feet. 

2. A minimum of 6" depth should be maintained

3. Conduit should be stubbed and capped 3 feet above grade next to the structure within 5 feet of the power meter location

4. Conduit should be run along the same path as the power service drop stubbed and capped 12" above grade at the base of the pole.

5. Please avoid any extreme or 90 degree turns in any horizontal run. This does not include the 90-degree up turns at the pole or structure.

6. Pull string or wire needs to be placed inside the conduit the entire length.  

7. If your underground conduit runs more than 500 feet, please stub a gap in the conduit up to the surface halfway so we can pull the string or wire through the conduit. In some cases, in longer drops there may need to be more than one gap. There should be a gap at least every 300-500 feet in these cases. Kinks and friction make it difficult to pull more than 500 feet.


If your meter is attached to the pole, you should follow the same procedures as above with the conduit run on the structure side of the underground power line and located at the power service disconnect or service entry.

The drop contractor will run the fiber through the conduit for you.


If you have any questions, please call before you begin work.